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We have arrived! Our site is now well-known enough for us to need a “comments policy” — this is so exciting.

Policy on Comment Publication on this site:

Comments on this site are moderated — that means that a least one member of the White Anti-Racist team must approve your comment before it becomes public.

We are very happy to publish comments that fit with the site’s focus, tone and spirit.

If in our determination a comment does not fit in this way, we will not publish it.

Please, do your homework! Seek to understand the basics of what this site is all about.

  • If we do not publish your comment: Take heart! The internet is a big huge place with many opportunities for discussion in general and your contributions in particular. Ours is just one specific site with a specific approach. We understand that you may have discussion needs that we cannot fulfill. As sad as that makes us, we’re not too worried — there are just so many other places already on the web where people can interact about a wide variety of issues and with a wide variety of approaches. If you are internet-savvy enough to find our site, we’re sure you can find others! We have no doubt that you will find someplace where the comment(s) we didn’t publish would be welcome indeed.

Thank you so much for coming to our site. If you have comments that fit our policy, we can’t wait to read them!

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– The White Anti-Racist team

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