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We’re very happy to announce that we here at White Anti-Racist have established an Advisory Board!

Our Advisory Board consists of people who would like to put lots of time and energy into supporting our work, not have any real decision-making power to speak of on this site, and not get paid for the effort.

Our Advisory Board members:

Dark Lily: Dark Lily is Black and enthusiastically supports our work in many ways. She is the founding member of our advisory board.

In her own words, her role as a member of our Advisory Board includes:

1. having a poc [person of color] around to be a ‘lightning rod’ for all of (ignorant) white people’s racism, allows for you, the white antiracist, to step in and ’save me’ by demonstrating your anti-racism. because you know how white folks are at first really resistant to being ‘antiracist’ and so they start to attack the poc nearest to them? well, i could be that poc. and then you could model for other white folks the correct way to deal with situation. everyone would have a cathartic moment (there is always someone who cries) and all the white folks would feel better afterwards and be more willing to follow your antiracism program (and probably will invite you to speak at their church, synagogue, college, white feminist organization, etc.)

2. as you have pointed out i could also deflect questions from other poc who challenge your white antiracist expertise. but i can do more. i can convince poc to support white anti-racism, because i know the secret poc codes. i can show them how until we as poc allow white folks to control discourse (yall are a little scary when you are not in control) we will never be able to achieve liberation or equality. i can model how free i feel when i defer to the white antiracist.

3. i can keep you up to date on all of the hip new poc who are writing about anti-racism. have you ever noticed how it seems that every white anti-racist quotes (appropriates) the same tired-old poc? i mean yeah…you read bell hooks, michael eric dyson, and sherman alexie. i can keep you ahead of the game telling you who you want to be mimic-ing before all those other white anti-racist discover them on the new anti-racist, be an ally reading list.

4. and i bring the funk and flava. a little spice. and authenticity. i can even sing gospel songs and tell stories about learning them as a little girl growing up in the racist south. white folks always feel so ‘connected’ when i do stuff like that.

Michael Fisher who says: I am pleased to announce that we have been able to obtain substantial funding from the Alliance of Academic White Anti-Racists at the University of Arizona in Tuscon and have opened up our non-white White Anti-Racist Advisory Board website. Advisory Board members will be notified of our inaugural meeting shortly both here and on the Advisory Board site.

More about Our Advisory Board

Our initial musings about starting an Advisory Board are here: “Let’s do it!”

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