“Without White Anti-Racism, I’d be just another long-winded white guy, in love with the sound of his own voice and rehashing what people of color have been saying for decades if not centuries. But as a White Anti-Racist, I’m a valuable — indeed, crucial! — member of the anti-racism team. My self-esteem has gone through the roof, and I’ve even gotten some paid speaking gigs. This is great! Thanks, White Anti-Racism!”
Jeremy S


“Last year, I took a Critical Sociology class and learned that there is racism and that as a white person, I am implicated. I was devastated. I cried. I almost failed the mid-term! But my professor assured us that we could be White Anti-Racists just like him. I feel so much better. My grades are back up and I’m back on track! I’ve added a minor in African-American Studies and I’m so happy.”
Melissa T


“I make my living teaching English as a Second Language to immigrants who’ve been displaced from their lands by a combination of European invasion of the Americas and more recent “free trade” policies. Recently, I decided that it’s time for me to become a homeowner. Thanks to White Anti-Racism’s discourse focus, I can easily manage the contradiction and keep up with the busy pace of my life. As a White Anti-Racist, I can own my racism and my home!”
Becky G


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